Rotary Tillers

Rotary Tillers are important tilling Equipment extensively used in small and large gardens for tilling. Our Rotary Tillers are efficient in harrowing and plowing. Our company is one of the most sought after Manufacturers, Importers and Suppliers of Rotary Tillers. Our Tillers are lauded for their great engine performance and adjustable tine. Owing to these features, it gives high-quality tillage. Buyers can avail these Rotary Tillers at cost-effective rates.

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The powerful STIHL tiller MH 710 is ideal for demanding applications and extremely difficult ground. Even large areas can be efficiently tilled. thanks to a working width

With Additional attachments like Ridge, Plough, Iron wheel, deep tines etc. can fit easily with both tillers and best for different application in row preparation and



We are a prominent Importer and Supplier of Power Weeder by STIHL , which is fabricated using advanced technologies that provide high performance. Power Weeder is used for stirring and pulverizing the soil before planting or to remove weeds and to loosen the soil after the crop has begun to grow.